Friday, June 8, 2012

Faith Filled Words

This summer has already spun an unique flavor for creativity in my life. I took some much needed time to focus on my indivual self, being a bit selfish, but also reflecting on my purpose in life. After the first two weeks of reflection, I realized that, I have negelected to take care of my needs.

The calling I possess is demanding. In running to and from helping relieve the effects of Sin on humanity, I lacked people who would pour into my life. People need peolpe. We need others to keep us going.

I have a few persons that pour life perserving words into me. These are the people that matter the most. I must seek relationships that provide life to where I am headed in life. There are so many people that are downtrodden and are not in position to pour life into others that it becomes a struggle to progress. I find that giving people assistance in the form of life skills is a great way turn them into positive life energy. This is the way I have used FAITH filled words to impact my life path.

Speaking to situations in life is one way to sustain life. Talking to life situations may sound like a mental issue but it is Scriptural truth. Jesus spoke to every dead situation. Jesus' goal was obvious throughout ministry, He reversed the effects of Sin nature everywhere He traveled.

Jesus' teachings were plain. We call Jesus' teachings 'parables' because they illustrated physical properties to explain heavenly principles. Since many humans may not see the spiritual world, using the physical world is the best way to teach the unseen world. Faith is what we need to get things from the spiritual side into the physical. The Bible records that every man has been given the same amount of faith. However, people that exercise this measure of faith builds stronger faith.

Faith is the assurance that what we can not see is real. Faith converts hope(future)to right now. The Bible is clear that a man can have what he say. The words we speak are vehicles that transport our needs and desires into the right now state of being. There is a catch 22 with faith.

There is a catch 22 with faith. Time exist in the physical. The spiritual real rest in eternity. Because we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, we have the catch 22 problem. Everything we need is already provided for us in eternity. We live in the physical where time has authority. It takes faith to overrule time. When we say what we want and act on what we want, then we get what we want and bear witness. Action faith is speaking out the need while at the same time beleiving we have it already. God backs up radical faith, according to Scripture. So expect the guarenteed package because God's word says waht we can have.

My favorite example of faith in action contained in the Bible is when Jesus goes curses a fig tree. It was not fig season during the time this story was recorded as taking place. However Jesus spotted that tree with leaves. A fig tree with leaves means that the tree should have figs. When Jesus approached the fig tree, He found that there were no figs. He told the tree, "from this day no man will ever eat from you again". The followers of Jesus were astonished that He talked to the tree. But on the way back from their destination, Mark noticed that from the roots, the tree had withered and died. Now that is some strong faith.

We often have situations like Jesus and the fig tree scenerio. Sometimes, our relationships are showing leaves(potental) but bear no fruit (figs). I don't suggest cursing people, but putting them on a separate level of impact within our lives is necessary. We need each other. Relationships should not be one sided. In business when relationships are one sided, we tend to file a lawsuit to equal the tally.

People who show leaves but bear no fruit in our lives should not be in position to influence our life path. These people should be spoken to and told where they stand. Speaking the truth in love so that we all my grow up in the body of Christ is necessary. Speaking to the people in reality is speaking to the evil spirits that influence them to rob you of your blessing. Tell the devils that as of today, you will no longer influence my path by taking away or dividing my blessing from Father God. You sow into me good words, good substences, good deeds, and I will do the same for you. This is how we change our path of poverty and destitution as a people of grace.

As I close, Faith Filled Words are like the words God spoke at creation. God spoke the world into existence. As children of God, we too must speak our individual world into existence. Eat on this for a while.

(This blog is a small excerpt of my upcoming book on Faith)

Be Blessed,

The Apostle E. Lockley Sr. BS, Mdiv-MFT, PhD-Ed (ABD)

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