Saturday, April 21, 2012

What Spring Have To Do With It?

This morning I set out to clean my storage unit. It was long overdue. The plan was to begin consolidating and getting rid of things of no longer use. I attempted to open the door to the unit and had some trouble with the lock. With a few jerks back and forth, it finally gave way and I opened the door. Suddenly, there I was staring at the accumulation of things from my adult past. There were items in my storage that were for family members. Items from my coaching career, colleges, past jobs, places I've visited, and much much more. There I stood looking at all the things that represented myself.

I began cleaning the unit starting on the right side and planned to work on the left side later. I condensed old boxes, threw away items that were covered in mildew, and dumped old important papers in the trunk of the car for shredding. Once I made it mid-way through the unit, I resigned and returned home. My motivation for this task stemmed from future plans to move. I wanted to get a head start.

Tradition has it, that spring is the time to clean up and rid old items. Perhaps deep inside my intellect, this was another motivation for the trip to the storage unit. I took family items and packed them in the car to return to them. I dumped all paperwork and books into the trunk of the car for later discovery. I moved a few things around as well. Finally, I shut the door and locked it. Off I went, back home to discover the items in the trunk of the car and rid old items. I felt good!

Life has a way of storing lots of junk in our beings. We go through so much suffering and pain in the course of the human life cycle that most times we forget that most important step. It is a wise idea to focus on the present. However, if we have not dealt with yesterday appropriately we end up storing lots and lots of old baggage.We take a lick in and keep on ticking! Do we? Have we dealt with those issues that have taunted us from childhood. Have we confronted the bullies that made our life miserable. What happen after a breakup with a significant other? Did we enter a rebound relationship? Feelings of hurt and pain leads to lots and lots of extra baggage that we must go back and clean up.

In families these unsettled issues plague our happiness. Our love and trust sensors are damaged and we prey on weaker vessels returning the favor of what happen to us. Hurting people hurt others! True but sad case.

Like my trip to the storage unit today, we must also take personal inventory and begin cleaning up our past torts that continues to interfere with our happiness. Here is where our spirituality becomes reality. We must open up and allow Father God to operate in us for restoration. I believe that God works through others to bring us back to healthy status. However it starts with forgiving others and asking them to forgive you.

When we forgive another, we let go of the issues that presented the hurt in the relationship. We heal and move on to bigger and better life challenges. A goal to accomplish is to be in mental and physical shape to assist others out of their past hurts. When we master forgiveness and understand how faulty the human really is, we take on another view of mankind that is remarkable and pleasant for all future interactions. When we forgive we lock our faith and trust in God, because we know He have forgiving us.

Spring has a lot to do with our lives. Spring is a time of healing. Spring is a time to clean up the damage from the past. Spring brings pleasant weather after all the bad storms from the winter that weaken us. Without springtime in our lives many people would remain broken and disdained from happiness.

Family, friends,  enemies alike should all focus on springtime. Take a personal inventory and gather all the help we need to rid old mildewed issues that stink from our past. Consolidate hurt and pain into one and toss out unforgiveness with love.

Walking in relationship with God helps us move past our hurts and begin repairing damaged parts to bring us back to healthy status. Try it and See!


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