Friday, April 27, 2012

A Soulmate?

Choosing A Mate

Gathering information from the Bible shows that we are intended to have a soul mate. A soul mate is the exact compliment of our person. How do we find this person? How will we know if this is the person? The Scriptures state if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God. Asking God is the best way to insure that the person of consideration is your soul mate.

The story of Isaac and Rebekah is one of many stories in Scripture that gives an example of acquiring a soulmate. A servant of Abraham was sent out on a mission to find Isaac's wife through a simple test. This woman was the perfect match for him. Together it was their destiny to continue the messianic line towards Jesus Christ.

Ruth and Boaz is another story with reconassaince of a soulmate. Ruth had been a victim of a seedless marriage between brothers. Each brother died before bearing a child with Ruth and there remained no more brothers for Ruth in succession as tradition held. As a result Naomi, Ruth's mother in law lived together. They lived in poverty and survived off the leftovers of the field. Boaz noticed her and favored her, commanding the harvesters to leave some of the overflow if Ruth would continue to harvest. Naomi knew that Ruth had met her soulmate based on the way she questioned her on her return.

In the original plan of creation God created the woman out of Adam. The Scripture has it that God recognized Adam's loneliness and created his helpmeet. What is interesting about this is that Adam never asked for his mate. Adam had named all of creation male and female but yet he had no corresponding companion. However, God completed him with the extraction of the woman from within Adam.

A soulmate then is assigned by God of whom already know the perfect match for man. In Scripture it is stated that it is the man who finds his wife. If this holds true, then a woman is to prepare herself to be chosen by the man of whom is her match. This sounds sexist and may not be adequate for nonbeleivers or contemporary beleivers and its not a sin in my opinion. However, if two persons want to be happy in marriage and family it makes it ideal to consider what was intended in the beginning.

Jesus taught that divorce was not God's best plan for mankind.  In biblical history, God divorced the Hebrews for a spell and then reconciled later.  This is interesting because God is shown here to be emotional and intolerant of disobediant individuals. Nevertheless He is characterized as setting expectations that were not met and the consequences was discipline by separation.

In New Testament, the church is the bride of Christ. Ironically like Father God, the divorce of the church is unlikely as these are people who are obedient and are covered by the blood of Jesus for the remission of sins.  What is noted here is that human marriage is a symbolic union that imitates the union of the Godhead and mankind as mentioned in New Testament and hinted through Old Testament Scripture. This allegorical relationship reflects back to the soulmate expression.

A Soulmate? Yes. A soulmate in an earthly union is the perfect match of persons for maximum life. Its not logical to divorce a spouse if the one you have wish to remain with you, according to the pauline theology. There are some cases where the exception is the norm, but again, if a man lacks wisdom let him ask God.

If you are single and want true happiness in a future marriage, meditate over the previous concepts and apply to future decision making.

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Reverend Erric P. Lockley Sr.
PhD Educational Leadership

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