Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Lord's Day: 11 Steps to Becoming Gifted!

It is your gift that brings you wealth!

How to activate my gift from God.

Our lives have a purpose. For some, discovering that purpose has been hidden. How do you determine what is necessary to become the person you were meant to become? How do you serve your purpose? Allow me to share my reflection on purpose in our lives.

I am a Scripture based writer. My etiology emanates from the wisdom of God that I learned back in Sunday school, YPWW, and Bible study. I also believe that if any man lacks wisdom, ask God.

Purpose is an intentional set of principles designed to do a specific job. In our lives, purpose dates back to the garden of Eden and the Adam/Eve account. It was Jesus, who spoke the wisdom of God and was recorded by witnesses. Jesus is recorded stating that "in the beginning it was not so", when asked a question about divorce. If divorce is not God's true purpose for marriage then it was meant to be permanent. However, discovering purpose then, highlights the set of principles for the job it was set to accomplish.

If all the above is true then, discovering purpose takes wisdom. Wisdom is the proper application of knowledge and understanding in a given scenario. Wisdom takes precedence over all human authority and mandates. Wisdom is so powerful because it is backed by God's truth and love. In every courtroom I have entered, wisdom overrules the laws. Wisdom also removes bias and prejudice because it is backed by truth.

Our earthly purpose is stated in Genesis 1-3 and then supported throughout Old and New Testament Scripture. We represented God's authority in the earth. We fell away from God's authority and was overruled by Satan. We regained God's authority in the earth when Jesus was raised from the dead and ascended to heaven. The parables of Jesus all reference our passage and purpose in the earth. In the parables we are pilgrims far away from home and were given the blessing of our Father for safe keeping and return to where we came from. The trip we are now undergoing is conditional and has set principles in place to complete the journey. One principle is the heaven and earth law. We are to demand that the principles in heaven be done also on earth. (This principle is found in the Lord's prayer)

Our gift from Father God is beautiful. Everyone has a gift from God. Jesus makes reference to the talents or gifts in St. Matthews. Some take a gift and multiply it. Others use the gift as is with no growth. Still others take the gift from God and bury it for safekeeping. Father God gets angry when we bury our gift for safekeeping. One reason for His anger is because the gift He freely gave us is our only way to a fruitful life in the earth. It is our gift that opens doors that normally are closed. Our gift brings us before people afforded God given ruling authority. Failure to recognize our God given talent brings poverty and rebuke. Jesus is recorded saying to the one who chose burial for his gift, "why didn't you invest what was given, why didn't you do like the others and make more with what I gave you,  depart from me because what you did was mock me". 

I would hate to hear Jesus tell me to depart from his presence. Telling someone to depart from them is a phrase of disgust and rebuke and punishment. Look at your present state of mind and determine if you have recognized your own gift. Your gift is what interests you. Your gift is what makes you perk up when you actually carry out just a slight part of it. Your gift draws that same types of opportunities to you over and over again until you grab hold of it and apply it to make sense of the world around you.

If a man lacks wisdom, ask God. First, thank Father God for your gift. Next, ask Father God to illuminate and confirm your gift. Then, seek knowledge to understand the gift. For example, I was confirmed by different members of spiritual leadership about my gift and the path I had to take to sharpen it for maximum effect. I did exactly what was repeatedly spoken to me and have been overshadowed by the wisdom of God that brings tumultuous revelations all day long about the potentials my gift can accomplish.

Finally, seek out persons with the same gift you have. Each individual has a uniqueness about their gift that can not be imitated; A brand that will never be replicated. As you surround yourself with like minded persons, each of you will become better. One proverb states that "iron sharpens iron". One gift working in concert with another similar gift makes both of them operate more efficiently. An example includes the musician. Musicians working together produces melodies that pierces the human soul. Each gift is used to create a chemistry formula making the band sound great and unique. Wisdom is at work when we use our gifts for the good of humanity. Foolishness is at work when we use our gifts to destroy humanity. (Go figure!)

Here are some key ingredients to consider in bringing your gift alive. When we accept our gift from God and use it in the earth we step out of time into eternity as I call it "The Lord's Day". Every moment in time does not matter in The Lord's Day because even though time ticks I believe our gift remains with us forever.


  1. Rebuke fear!
  2. Replace it with truth!
  3. Pray for Godly wisdom.
  4. Write down the title of your gift. 
  5. Share the title of your gift with others. Be ready for rejection and denial from many close to you.
  6. Define what your gift does? Study the definition and visualize yourself working the gift in the smallest form.
  7. Discover famous or known persons with your gift. Observe how they use the gift. Imitate what they do.
  8. Get educated on the workings of your gift. Read and research what others say about it. Take courses or find a mentor who has mastered his/her gift.
  9. Build friendships with person with the same type of gift.
  10. Work in areas that strengthen your gift.
  11. Brand your own version of the gift.
Rev. Erric P. Lockley Sr.,
PhD Educational Leadership Program, Mdiv-MFT, BS-FACS

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